Q: How can I get an ID Card?

A: ID Cards are available at every Americana Hospitality Group location.   Locations are listed as links at the bottom of this page.

Q. I lost my ID card.  Can it be replaced?

A. Yes, You can replace your card at any Americana Hospitality Group Diner.

Q. I forgot my ID card last time I was at the restaurant.  Can I still get credit for my visit?

A.  If you save your receipt we can add your points at a later date.  Please bring your receipt on your next visit and we will be glad to assist.  Unfortunately, if you misplaced your receipt we are unable to look up the transaction, therefore unable to add points to your account.

Q. Does it cost anything to join the Blue ID Rewards Program?

A. No.  The program is free for all guests.  The only requirement is that your ID Card must be  registered in order to gain the maximum benefits from the card.  You can register today by clicking on the “Register My New Card” button on the Card Service tab.

Q. I enrolled online but did not receive a card in the mail?

A. Thank you for enrolling.  On your next visit please let the server know you enrolled online and we will activate your card in the restaurant.